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Kryptotel is dedicated in providing security and privacy protection to its customers and clients since its inception. In the fast changing modern world, we use military-grade encryption in almost every communication service that we offer.

KryptoPhone encrypted smartphone

KryptoPhone is an encrypted smartphone in-built encrypted Kryptotel applications enabling users to make encrypted voice calls, exchange encrypted text messages and encrypted emails.


Kryptotel secure VoIP is an encrypted VoIP mobile application which uses military grade encryption based on RSA 8192 bits & AES 256, and many other security features to provide maximum privacy to its users.

VPN One Click

VPN One Click is Kryptotel's Virtual Private Network service launched with an objective to provide users safe, secure and private access to the Internet. VPN One Click enables users to access blocked and restricted websites while maintaining the user's privacy and keeping the identity hidden.

KRYPTOCHAT encrypted messenger

KryptoChat is a secure messaging platform based on military-grade encryption and other security features, developed by Kryptotel.

B1-ROUTER with integrated VPN client

B1-Router is a WiFi router with an integrated VPN Client, enables users to connect multiple devices to a single VPN connection and increasing security and privacy of the user. B1-Router protects your Internet traffic from hacking and industrial espionage.

MAIL1CLICK encrypted email service

Mail1Click is an encrypted email service by Kryptotel, enabling users to exchange encrypted emails. Mail1Click is used by individuals, business organizations and service providers.

VoIP1CLICK high quality voice calls

VoIP1Click is a free VoIP mobile app that enables users to make high quality VoIP calls at low rates.

KryptoMail secure mail server

KryptoMail is an appliance server to provide encrypted email service to the client, installed on-premise and total control and administration of the client. KryptoMail works like any other standard email server, enhanced with a state of the art encryption and electronic signature to your email messages and attachments.

KryptoPABX anti wiretapping PABX

KryptoPABX is an encrypted telephone switch to manage all your phone calls using a platform installed in your premise and under your total control. With KryptoPABX organizations can create their own encrypted telephone network.

B1XMPP encrypted chat server

B1XMPP is a Secure Chat Server based on the standard protocol XMPP (also known as Jabber) and military grade encryption RSA 8192-bits and AES 256-bits. B1XMPP comes in a single packaged hardware unit (entry level, supports upto 50 users) and in a clustered version (based on rack servers) which supports unlimited users.