Kryptotel offers a custom-developed, next-generation, encrypted messaging solution developed to be highly secure, specifically designed for governmental entities around the world. If requested, source code is provided.

Next-Gen Messaging

Highest Level of Security for Governments - with Source code

It has become increasingly important for governmental entities to find the tools to secure telecommunication in order to protect themselves from espionage and information leaks.

Kryptotel's custom-developed, next-generation, encrypted solution for governments utilizes a myriad of encryption algorithms and security protocols that together create a layer-based encryption that maximizes the security of messaging, voice and video calls, and file-sharing on the platform. For confidentiality reasons the details of the encryption and security protocols used in the solution cannot be made publicly available. However, the governmental entities interested in the solution can contact us, and more details about the solution can be shared after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Kryptotel's custom-developed, next-generation, encrypted messaging solution is ideal for governmental entities such as ministries and defense departments.

The solution is deployed either on-premise or as a managed service depending on the exact needs and requirements of the client, while the client has the option to request and be provided with source code.

Kryptotel Advantage

Cyber Security and Secure Communications

Kryptotel is a Dubai based software firm that specializes in cyber security and secure communications and has been at the forefront of developing privacy and security focused communication solutions.

Kryptotel has been delivering privacy and security focused custom encrypted messaging solutions to government clients and others for over a decade.

After thorough research and years of development, Kryptotel has designed a custom-developed, next-generation, encrypted messaging solution for governmental entities, incorporating the highest level of security, with multiple layers of encryption, in addition to other security protocols.

Our development team is being lead by cyber security experts with individual experience of over three decades, which is why Kryptotel has been able to deliver reliable secure communications solutions to governmental entities all over the world.

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