Custom Encryption Services

Kryptotel offers its client's custom encryption services to meet specific client requirements.

Custom Encryption

Kryptotel offers custom encryption services for its clients.

Secure communications has become a critical part of any cyber security strategy today.

Kryptotel works closely with its clients, offering custom encryption services to meet specific and unique requirements of the client. Kryptotel integrates custom encryption algorithm to different communication modes like voice, data, storage, media, etc.

Kryptotel offers different levels of encryption algorithms including the military-grade encryption using different encryption algorithms. Depending on the client requirement Kryptotel can develop multiple levels of encryption using different algorithms and protocols to maximize the security.

Kryptotel Expertise

More than a decade experience in Cyber Security & communications.

Kryptotel has a core focus in creating encrypted communication services and has already launched a number of encrypted communication applications which are being used by millions all over the world.

Kryptotel is a specialized Cyber Security firm that offers custom encryption service to the clients.

Kryptotel's commitment to its clients is that we deliver only the most reliable and superior encrypted application and services to our clients.