Kryptotel is an IT Security Services and Product Development company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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We secure
your communications

Kryptotel aims at creating secure communication platforms for individuals and organizations. Our products and solutions are a step towards securing communications in an increasingly connected world.

With the advent of Internet Of Things and technology taking over almost everything, the way devices communicate is seeing a revolutionary change. It makes Cyber security all the more important. It is in this direction Kryptotel has been working on, by creating products & solutions that make secure, encrypted communications possible.

Kryptotel has developed and launched a number of products that create secure and encrypted communications for users. We have also worked with a number of government, defense, public and private sector clients enabling them to make their communication platforms secure and encrypted.

Secure Communications

We have strong expertise in encryption, communication and security protocols.

We are a strong team of IT Security and Telecommunication expertise. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of encryption and communication protocols.

Our commitment to our clients is that we only deliver the most reliable applications, services and solutions developed by our in-house team of software engineers.

Kryptotel has proven expertise in development of secure communications applications. Our products are used by 10 million plus users worldwide.

Kryptotel primarily works in the area of: Cyber Security, Secure Communications, Internet of Things Security, Blockchain Technology, etc.