Kryptotel is an IT Security Services and Product Development company headquartered in Dubai. Kryptotel develops secure communication applications, using strong encryption and security features.

The Company

An IT Security Services and Product Development Company

Kryptotel focuses on developing solutions and products in the area of Cyber Security and communications. The first product we developed was KryptoVoIP, a VoIP application used to make encrypted calls, sold as a service in the Cloud. Since then, Kryptotel has launched a wide range of products and served a diversified group of clients, including governments, businesses, and individuals.

Kryptotel FZ-LLC was founded in Dubai, UAE, in 2010, and has remained headquartered in Dubai Internet City since its inception. .
Kryptotel mainly works through its partners and resellers worldwide.

We specialise in Cyber Security, Secure Communications and Blockchain Technology.

& Infrastructure

Strong Expertise in IT Security, Telecommunications & Artificial Intelligence.

Our core team is compromised of IT Security and Telecommunication experts with in-depth knowledge of encryption and communication protocols. Our commitment to our clients is to only deliver the most reliable and trustworthy applications, services, and solutions, developed by our in-house team of software engineers.

We are expanding into artificial intelligence; our new AI machine, B1, automatically manages more than 200 servers in 33 countries. B1 has millions of paid and free users worldwide, and is able to perform all of the monitoring, maintenance and accounting routines, in addition to having the ability to auto-replicate and auto-repair itself, making it incredibly efficient.

At Kryptotel, we have developed a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that ensures we are always able to provide the highest security, devoid of data breaches and shutdowns.
Kryptotel's infrastructure is spread across the globe, with more than 200 servers located across 33 countries.
Having a differentiated network infrastructure is crucial to protect our servers from shutdowns caused by Brute Force and DDoS attacks.

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